“Everything was perfect!  Gave your name to two other people at the shower… always love working with you… thanks for the care that you put into each event!” – Sallyjo


“Your food got rave reviews. We gave your name out to numerous people. Thank you so very much for your fine work. We will certainly count on you in the future.” – Betsy


“A big thanks to you and your staff. The food was beautiful, as well as delicious, and the service great. Complements came in from many of the guests. I really did just have to “answer the door” and was able to enjoy every minute of the party.” – Nancy


“Thank you and your staff for making the lunch at Shelley’s so tasty and memorable. You were right…the food was plentiful and delicious. Thank you so much again. You are NUMBER ONE in my book!” – Linda


“I just wanted to let you know that everything was as you promised and all the food was enjoyed. The serving person did a great job as well.

We are having a debate in our family about the ingredients in the Tuscan tuna salad. ..dill root, white radish, fennel. Could you help us out. If you share recipes, we’d love to have it. If not, please solve the mystery. Thanks again for everything.” – Barbara


“I just wanted to thank you for making our oneg so special last Friday. We had a blast after a successful and very proud moment with our daughter. The flowers were great and were shared across the family afterward. Your crew did a great job and I appreciate your ability to make this easy for us.

Thank you again for everything!” – Marybeth


“Julie, thank you again for such wonderful food. Everyone was raving about the quiche and I would love to make it when I am Up North with my family. Would you please send me the recipe? Thank you for being part of just a perfect week-end for me and my daughter.” – Shirlee


“Julie, you must be used to the panic stricken hostesses because you handled me just fine. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Presentation A+++ Variety of choices A+++ Taste A+++ We had close to the 50 people we expected and I had compliments from at least that many. I wish I had more occasion to entertain so I could have you here more often. I gave your name to many and hope they use you. We all know they will have an amazing evening also. Thank you again.” – Linda

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