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Delicious Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash, Kale, Tomatoes, Parmesan, Poached Egg
Serves 4

1 Spaghetti Squash
1 Cup Baby Kale rough chopped
1 Cup Cherry Tomatoes, halved
1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Fresh Garlic
Salt and Pepper to taste
¼ Cup Shaved Parmesan

4 Eggs
1 Teaspoon Vinegar

For the Spaghetti Squash:
There are 2 ways we like to cook spaghetti squash…

The oven way:
Preheat oven to 375F.
Halve squash lengthwise and scoop out seeds. Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray, lay halves, flesh side down on sheet. Bake 35 minutes or until you can pierce shell easily

The microwave way:
Do not cut. Pierce shell with a fork all over the squash. Place squash on a microwave safe high sided dish. Fill with ½ cup water. Heat on high 12-15 minutes (depending on your microwaves wattage), until flesh can be easily pierced. Let sit 5 minutes, cut in half and seed.

Scrape out flesh on 4 plates.

While the squash is cooking, saute garlic in olive oil over medium heat, add tomatoes, cook 5 minutes and add kale. Saute until kale is bright green. Season with Salt and Pepper. Transfer to top of Spaghetti Squash

To Poach Eggs:
Combine about 2 quarts water and vinegar in a saucepan and bring to a simmer.
Break 1 egg into a small bowl or cup and slide egg into water. Repeat with each remaining egg, spacing them evenly in saucepan, and poach at a bare simmer until whites are firm and yolks are still runny, 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer eggs as cooked using a slotted spoon to top of kale, tomato and spaghetti squash.

Garnish with Parmesan Cheese

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Delicious Roasted Pumpkin with Toasted Quinoa, Dates and Sage

Serves 8 -10


1 Small Sugar Pumpkin (2 to 3 pounds), halved and seeded

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kosher Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper

2 Cups Quinoa

2 Cups pitted and julienned Medjool Dates

¼ Cup small fresh sage leaves

Preheat oven to 375f.

Cut the pumpkin into pieces roughly 3 in. square and arrange on a rimmed baking sheet, skin side down.  Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle of salt and pepper.  Roast the pumpkin until soft, about 1 hour.  Once cool enough to handle, peel off and discard the skin and place the roasted pumpkin flesh in a bowl.

Place a dry skillet over medium heat and add the quinoa.  Toast for 5 to 10 minutes or until the quinoa releases a yummy toasty aroma.

Add 3 cups water and 1 tablespoon kosher salt, cover and bring to a boil.  Reduce the heat to low and simmer the quinoa until the water has been absorbed about 25 minutes.  Remove from heat and set aside covered (the steam will finish cooking the quinoa).

Once the quinoa is cooled off a little, add it to the bowl with the roasted pumpkin along with dates, torn sage leaves and 2 tablespoons olive oil.  Toss gently to combine.  Season with more salt and pepper.


Serve at room temperature.

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© Annabel's & Co. Catering, 2014

© Annabel’s & Co. Catering, 2014

© Annabel's & Co. Catering, 2014

© Annabel’s & Co. Catering, 2014

© Annabel's & Co. Catering, 2014

© Annabel’s & Co. Catering, 2014

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© Annabel’s & Co. Catering, 2014

© Annabel’s & Co. Catering, 2014

© Annabel’s & Co. Catering, 2014

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